I really cannot understand that when you get to a certain point in your life why you cannot have just a friendship with the other sex? As a woman I am happy with my life. I do not need anyone to come into my life and I take care of them, or they take care of me.


Real friendships should be ones that have no agenda; therefore, I have used young children as the picture as they depict innocence and love that is untainted by sex.

It does not matter if you are female or male if you want just a friendship. it is the energy of friendship that you need to create.

To do this you will need to use creative visualization try this combining with your meditation either at the end or the beginning.

As it’s the energy of friendship you want with a male visualize a matching energy in the form and a feeling of friendship coming towards you in the form of a male, however, do NOT put a face or body a body in the vision, just vision an energy going back and forth between you, knowing, and stating in your mind this is the energy of friendship.

“Metaphysics Knowledge the Way to Spiritual Consciousness.”

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