What is the difference between spiritual experience and just general delusions…?

How will I know I am not having a placebo effect is it a positive outcome that matters?

Like anything else spiritual experience can be positive or negative. As always there is two sides to everything. There is low spiritual energy and high spiritual energy, so although many people talk about three- and four-dimensional reality (which do exist), in general terms humanity live the upper end of the lower spiritual energy, so spiritual experience comes from this vibrational area often called the Astral.


The real aim for all humanity is to move that energy upwards, so for most of humanity duality exists and where consciously and unconsciously we live.


Its only when humanities consciousness reaches the higher levels of spiritual energy can they experiences dimensions that are no two-dimensional consciousness. It should be added here that the Astral level spoken of is still a form of duality.


The way to judge a positive spiritual experience is how that experience affects you during its happening and after it happens, if there are any  negative feelings such as fear, anger, control  the energy is coming from the lower realms therefore you should immediately in your mind and if you want say orally, “ I command you to go forth and stand in the light of “All That There Is.”  A spiritual positive experience you will get positive feelings and emotions such as a feeling of love, exaltation, euphoria. 

“Metaphysics Knowledge the Way to Spiritual Consciousness.”

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