We are currently living in a very uncertain world that is governed by the ego. This website offers a new way of living and thinking. The blogs contained in this website are teachings, techniques, and knowledge that will allow anyone who wishes to develop skills to circumvent negativities such as conflict and hate.  

The blogs will give you knowledge that will help you to come from a place of creativity and unconditional love. The information will over time allow you to come from your spiritual higher self which is part of you and which we all have. The spiritual higher self lays dormant in 95% of humanity. With this knowledge, you will be able to open up this channel of your being which will bring with it a very positive life. The website is also designed to open up discussion and ideas on how to access your higher self and what to expect spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Graham About us - spiritual-discovery

About us - spiritual-discovery


Graham’s personal journey in spiritual disciplines commenced when he was sixteen and found the occult section in Foyles Book Shop in the West End of London UK in the late sixties.  This encouraged him to read voraciously and to take courses on new age and spiritual matters which then led him to practice meditation from the age of 20.  In his forties, he taught and practiced spiritual healing and gave psychic readings, and in his late fifties designed and held courses in spiritual healing and channeling.

A year after his wife died around 2010, he ran courses at a Spiritualist Church in the outskirts of Sydney Australia which he and his wife had developed. One of these courses was a spiritual self-development course.  The other was a spiritual healing course, the techniques of which are part of the articles offered.

Before Covid 19 he also held a course in a satellite city south of Sydney, Australia called Wollongong. The course ran from refocusing the mind to becoming a creative being that incorporated spiritual growth which allowed a person to create a life that was truly right for them.  This was then followed by spiritual energy healing and spiritual communication with another that made a lasting energy connection with them that came through and from each person’s individual higher self.  He also added to this section of the course how to find the right partner in life which of course is a major factor in finding true happiness.

He came to the conclusion that each part of the course would be best taught separately, in a constructive add-on process.  Besides this spiritual and practical information, there is also much more knowledge that he wants to share most of which is channeled and comes to him on an ongoing basis.

To enable any individual who is wanting to open up their mind to this groundbreaking spiritual channeled knowledge and wisdom, Graham decided to develop this blog website so that he could share this knowledge with all like-minded people, The blog site is also designed so that questions can be asked and further knowledge can be supplemented and shared to and by the reader.

It is envisaged that courses at a later date will be added to the website so that further knowledge can be shared.

About us - spiritual-discovery