Chakras Part 4 Attributes of chakras.

Chakras Part 4

Chakras Part 4
  • First

The attributes of this chakra are your link with the planet. It also represents grounding of the individual, security, stability, and survival.

  • Second:

The attributes given to this chakra are sexuality, pleasure, creativity, and your emotions which can also be related to the emotions of others who affect you directly or indirectly.

  • Third:

Its attributes are related to the control of life so it is also associated with self-esteem, confidence, will, and purpose in life.

  • Fourth:

The association here is about our love for oneself, others, compassion, empathy, and balance in your life.

  • Fifth:

The speech comes from this area, so this chakra is connected to verbal communication and resonance.

  • Sixth:

This is associated with intuition and imagination, so this is important in a person’s creativity and where one’s gut feelings originate from.

  • Seventh:

Traditionally, this represents your spiritual connection, life’s purpose, wisdom, and knowledge.


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