Mental and Spiritual Practices. Upgrade your personal development system with this combination.

Are you tired of trying self-development practices but only finding limited success Upgrade your mental and spiritual practices.

It’s time to upgrade your personal development mental and spiritual practices. Our new book, “Creating Abundance with Your Higher Self: A Spiritual Journey That Encompasses Abundance” is the solution you need to create a life that is purposeful, successful, and spiritually driven.
In this book, you will learn a complete system of methods and disciplines that will enable you to build a life that is not only successful but gives you knowledge that includes improving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It is designed to bring you a meaningful and balanced life that is for your great good and the greater good of others and the planet.
The first section of the book takes you through a mental programming system that can deliver your hopes and dreams in all aspects of your life, with your spiritual values impregnated through them. Once your spiritual values are found, you use a detailed creative word picture of how your life will be in the near future. This enables your mind to start accepting and acting on these goals and aspirations.
The second section of the book is designed to plug into the changed programming of your subconscious and conscious mind to give you techniques to develop your creative spiritual skills and knowledge. This includes being in communion with your higher self, and I will also look at trauma healing of your inner self and give you a technique to enable you to jointly heal with another person.
Upgrade your personal development system now with the combination of mental and spiritual practices to create a life that is successful in all areas, remove energy blocks in your etheric body, and become connected to your higher self. Join us on this spiritual journey that encompasses abundance.
Order your copy today “Creating Abundance with Your Higher Self.” and start your journey towards abundance and spiritual fulfillment.

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