How do you relate spirituality with Christianity? I feel as if religion is the interpretation of spirituality, but I am missing something?


It is of no consequence which main faith you are brought up in, they can all give you a starting point including Christianity, but all the mainstream religious faiths are just that faith! These faiths are cloaked in dogma, and control. Spirituality on the other hand is about knowledge, experience, and effort that brings to your targetable experiences that raise your consciousness.

 Each of these experiences help you move forward into a new energy of living and finally take you to your multi-dimensional consciousness which guides you to a life that is right for you yet this knowledge and energy is given to you on the bases that you have free will to use this as you wish, this energy you receive is not controlling but more like a friend that only has your best interest at heart.

“Metaphysics Knowledge the Way to Spiritual Consciousness.”



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