How can I still be friendless?

How can I still be friendless?

How can I still be friendless?

You know what I mean… not co-workers or acquaintances, but real friends. Ones who check in on you and include you in their lives etc. I know lots of people but have no real friends¬†¬† Why is that?¬† Is there something wrong with me?


There is nothing wrong with you.

I have had this situation many times in my life and now fortunately I have a couple of close friends.

The non-esoteric answer is to join groups like Meetup on the net. You will find people with similar interests to you as there are groups in almost every category of interests you can think of.

As Meetup groups are community based you will find them in an area near where you live or work. Although I have found that the meeting sometimes is not always as close as I would like. (I have met friends on this platform.)

The esoteric answer is that to find true friends the best practice to use is creative visualization. This is best done tied into positive emotional out putting, of the feelings of the emotion you want to experience from the friendship. This process is best done as you are just coming out of a meditation.

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