Basic Knowledge Regarding Chakras

What are chakras?What are and what are chakras?

In metaphysic teachings that have been taken for eastern religions philosophies the chakras are energy points on the etheric body. The etheric body is an energy that surrounds each human being, however in the majority of people they are unaware of this and although they are there they do not understand or have the knowledge to work with this energy. In the next few posts, I will give you the basics, once you have an understanding of these we can move forward.

Science at this point in time has not confirmed this, however many of us who have gone down the new age spiritual path have experienced them and many clairvoyants, spiritual healers feel and see them and work with the chakras to help an individual on its spiritual journey.

In the picture above the basic chakra positions are shown however the energetic body has many more chakras of which three more are important in a person’s spiritual growth and the fourth extra chakra which is hardly ever spoken will bring a human being back to his or her source energy.

Chakras - Position and NamesPositions and Names.

·        The first chakra is at the base of the spine, and is called “The Root chakra, or Base chakra its Sanskrit name Muladhara.

·        The second chakra which is around the area of the belly button, is called The Sacral chakra or the Sanskrit name Swadhisthana.

  • The third chakra Solar is known as Plexus Chakra. this is situated in the upper part of the stomach and is also known as Manipura.

  • The fourth is known as the Heart Chakra and is also known as Anahata. This is placed in the centre of the chest next to the heart.

  • The fifth chakra is called Throat Chakra, or As the name implies, this chakra is in the throat area.

  • The Sixth known as the Brow Chakra: is also known by two other names the Third Eye chakra and Ajna. This is located between just above the centre of the eyes on the brow.

  • Seventh The Crown Chakra: which situated a few centimeters from the crown is also known as Sahasrara.

Part 3 ChakrasThe colours attributed to the chakras are as follows:

First: scarlet red.

Second: Strong orange.

Third: Soft yellow or buttercup yellow

Fourth: Rich emerald green

Fifth: Sky blue.

Sixth: Indigo blue.

Seventh: Traditionally this is sometimes seen as bright purple, or white.

When viewed clairvoyantly these colours are iridescent in nature and pulsate and swirl, however, much will depend on the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health of the person at the time of viewing on how dynamic or flat this energy is.


Chakras Part 4

Chakras Attributes of chakras.

  • First

The attributes of this chakra are your link with the planet. It also represents grounding of the individual, security, stability, and survival.

  • Second:

The attributes given to this chakra are sexuality, pleasure, creativity, and your emotions which can also be related to the emotions of others who affect you directly or indirectly.

  • Third:

Its attributes are related to the control of life so it is also associated with self-esteem, confidence, will, and purpose in life.

  • Fourth:

The association here is about our love for oneself, others, compassion, empathy, and balance in your life.

  • Fifth:

The speech comes from this area, so this chakra is connected to verbal communication and resonance.

  • Sixth:

This is associated with intuition and imagination, so this is important in a person’s creativity and where one’s gut feelings originate from.

  • Seventh:

Traditionally, this represents your spiritual connection, life’s purpose, wisdom, and knowledge.

How Clairvoyants see the Chakras:

The clairvoyant view of the chakras as a vortex with petals around it

  • First:

The Root chakra is seen with four petals.


·        Second

The Sacral chakra is seen with six petals.

·        Third.

The Solar Plexus chakra is seen with ten petals.

·        Fourth

The Heart chakra is seen with twelve petals.

·        Fifth

The Throat chakra is seen with sixteen petals.

·        Sixth:

The brow chakra has ninety-six petals, but they often appear clairvoyantly as a mass of two.

·        Seventh

The crown chakra has nine hundred and sixty petals – approximately which are not visible clairvoyantly, and in general becomes a mass of white or indigo blue light.

Chakras: Sounds of the Chakras.

Above is a chart I found that gives you the sound of the chakras, you can make these sounds when can said individually or in combinations depending on what you want to achieve, e.g., opening up and healing the charkas. In the beginning I suggest that you keep the sound to each individual chakra. Combinations are best used under instruction for a master of spirituality.

The Seven Chakras & The Endocrine Gland System

Each of the chakras in the body is related with an endocrine gland.

So below is a list of chakras with their appropriate glads and function.

  • Root chakra (1st) — Reproductive glands (testes in men; ovaries in women); controls sexual development and secretes sex hormones.

  • Sacral chakra (2nd) — Adrenal glands; regulates the immune system and metabolism.

  • Solar Plexus chakra (3rd) — Pancreas; regulates metabolism.

  • Heart chakra (4th) — Thymus gland; regulates the immune system.

  • Throat chakra (5th) — Thyroid gland; regulates body temperature and metabolism.

  • Third Eye chakra (6th) — Pituitary gland; produces hormones and governs the function of the previous five glands; sometimes, the pineal gland is linked to the third eye chakra as well as to the crown chakra.

  • Crown chakra (7th) — Pineal gland; regulates biological cycles, including sleep.

 Below is a list of chakras and organs that are related to them

  • Root — Testes, kidneys, spine

  • Sacral– Bladder, prostate, ovaries, kidneys, gall bladder, bowel, spleen

  • Solar Plexus — Intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder, stomach, upper spine

  • Heart — Heart, lungs

  • Throat — Bronchial tubes, vocal cords, respiratory system, all areas of the mouth, including tongue and oesophagus.

  • Third Eye — Eyes, pituitary and pineal glands, brain

  • Crown — Spinal cord and brain stem.

Chakras  Conclusion:

You now have the basics of knowledge of chakras, it is important to start to use this knowledge to open and heal your auric body, which is a journey, that much has been written by others about.

The journey to your multi-dimensional higher self is the next stage after repairing your auric body by using the sound and colour of the chakras, meditation, creative visualization and more.

During this time of healing your spiritual development projects you will be able to come connected to the part of you that you are always connected to which is “All That There Is.’ 

Further in these blogs I will write about healing, creating mantras and opening other chakras that not written about which are the energy centres that open the pathway to your multi-dimensional higher self.

Tips on how to create an energetic boundary against negativity. 

Once you become spiritually awakened and your charkas have opened, it is important to know how to protect yourself from negativity of others around you. This is more so when you are in closed in crowded situations such as shopping centres. Ninety five percent of people in shopping centres are carrying in their mind’s negative thoughts, and the majority will be thinking negatively as they shop or walk along the interior malls of the shopping centre, and although they do not know it these energies are leaving them and going out to others unknowingly.

If you are open energetically through your charkas and auric body opening these energies can affect you. There are two ways of dealing with this:

  • Is before you enter a place like a shopping mall or any crowded area is to put a psychic bubble around yourself to protect you, or to place a psychic pyramid over you. You do this by focusing mentally on your crown chakra and visualizing a circle that turns into a globe of golden light surrounding your body which goes from your crown charka totally around you and ends up below your feet. You then mentally say to yourself that this globe of energy will remain with me unconsciously for as long as I need to have that protection for that day.

  • The second way which is my preference is to do starting with the above, but also see the energy coming into the other light bubble through the crown chakra on a constant bases, and projecting out of the otter edge of the bubble into the area you are moving or stand in. This way you are not only protecting yourself but giving positive healing energy out to all who are near you. You then mentally say to yourself that this globe of energy will remain with me unconsciously for as long I need to have protection and give out healing energy for that day.




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