Questions About Relationships and How They Are Related To Spirituality

I am looking for my twin flame where do I start?

Your twin flame will often not appear out of the blue, as with most things in life it’s important that you have the real desire to meet your twin flame. Having intent is the first number one action. 

The second is believing that you can meet your twin flame.

The third action is to create in your mind the energy you want to receive and feel from that person and the energy you want to give to this partner. 

The fourth action is you must start to envisage this happening and how you will emotionally feel when you receive the emotional energy and give this emotion.

The fifth action which is most important is for a want of a better word put it out there.

You do this by using creative visualization, creative emotional projection with a visualization projection meditation practice.

Have you or do you have a person in your life that you now find beyond annoying being around?  That you feel that you no longer have a vibe with.   

This can happen, when one of the two people in a relationship has moved forward in their life into a new direction of spirituality energy or even in growing and changing in other ways. Add to this the person growing also joins a spiritual group or groups and starts then starts to relate to the new energy of that group and the people in it project and he or she, will communicate energetically differently. Therefore, the way the couple has connected energently in the past is not present anymore.

The only way for a couple to reunite in this situation to reunite is for the other party to accept the changes happening and agree to participate in the new spiritual venture.  If this does not happen the person with the higher energy will seek out a like energy that will enable them to grow.

Most people do not understand that nothing stays the same and like the universe expanding and reacting physically to various forces human beings change in the same way. Therefore, unless both parties decide to participate down the spiritual path you are now seeking it is inevitable that some form of separation will happen.

How can I still be friendless?

You know what I mean… not co-workers or acquaintances, but real friends. Ones who check in on you and include you in their lives etc. I know lots of people but have no real friends

Why is that?  Is there something wrong with me?

Answer:  There is nothing wrong with you.I have had this situation many times in my life and now fortunately I have a couple of close friends.

The non-esoteric answer is to join groups like Meetup on the net. You will find people with similar interests to you as there are groups in every category of interests you can think of.

As Meetup groups are community based you will find them in an area near where you live or work. Although I have found that the meeting sometimes is not always as close as I would like. (I have met friends on this platform.)

The esoteric answer is that to find faithful friends the best practice to use is creative visualization. This is best done tied into positive emotional out putting, of the feelings of the emotion you want to experience from the friendship. This process is best done as you are just coming out of a meditation.

I understand how fear works but I do not know how to control it.

Answer: Unfortunately, the people of the world exist on fear as fear is a way to control.  Our minds have been programmed since birth to accept fear, and our ego uses it to become the dominating part of us.  Therefore, fear is very hard to control.

The replacement of fear is love albeit unconditional or emotional love.

Meditation is a great help in combating the ego so, if you are not doing meditation, I suggest that you take up some form as this is a way of suppressing and controlling fear. Your mind is taken to a neutral space during meditation where fear does not exist, and this will give you the space to bring in the energy of love from the source, “All That There Is.”

You could also look at reprogramming yourself through self hypnoses, and or creative visualization.  However, before doing this, it is important to ascertain what your basic fears are, and then work out a way to have a positive response to them.

I really cannot understand that when you get to a certain point in your life why you cannot have just a friendship with the other sex? As a woman I am happy with my life. I do not need anyone to come into my life and I take care of them, or they take care of me.

Now I just need friendship. Nothing else. I deserve to live the rest of my life my way.

Real friendships should be ones that have no agenda; therefore, I have used young children as the picture as they depict innocence and love that is untainted by sex.

It does not matter if you are female or male if you want just a friendship. it is the energy of friendship that you need to create.

To do this you will need to use creative visualization try this combining with your meditation either at the end or the beginning.

As it’s the energy of friendship you want with a male visualize a matching energy in the form and a feeling of friendship coming towards you in the form of a male, however, do NOT put a face or body a body in the vision, just vision an energy going back and forth between you, knowing, and stating in your mind this is the energy of friendship.

“Metaphysics Knowledge the Way to Spiritual Consciousness.”

Can sexual energy be spiritual, can sexual energy heal and do the best healers have a lot of sexual energy?

Sexual energy is completely different form spiritual energy which is called by seers Pranic Energy.

A spiritual healer would not mix these energies.

However, it is possible to combine healing energy and sexual energy given the right circumstances, and this can happen when a couple get together for a sexual experience.

When using sexual energy and spiritual energy during sex this can unify two human beings on a level of ONENESS. This is on a physical and an etheric energetic level where the aura, and chakras of the two individual’s blend.

When this happens, there is no separation between the two people, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Once a person has had this experience, they will never forget it. It is an experience that is complete in its essence and all of each of the couple become like one in all ways. NOTHING is sperate. It is an experience of completeness.

The practice that gets you nearest to this would Tantra sex so this would be a great start

This experience is a healing experience as well because it teaches and shows you that nothing is separate as we are all part of the ONE and therefore of each other. Also, once unconditional love is given and received on a reciprocal bases, each person’s body reacts to this is an incredibly positive way and helps each person’s bodies to. l emotional hurts or pain as they are being replaced with real love.

“Metaphysics Knowledge the Way to Spiritual Consciousness.”


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