The Seven Chakras & The Endocrine Gland System

Each of the chakras in the body is related with an endocrine gland.

So below is a list of chakras with their appropriate glads and function.

  • Root chakra (1st) — Reproductive glands (testes in men; ovaries in women); controls sexual development and secretes sex hormones.

  • Sacral chakra (2nd) — Adrenal glands; regulates the immune system and metabolism.

  • Solar Plexus chakra (3rd) — Pancreas; regulates metabolism.

  • Heart chakra (4th) — Thymus gland; regulates the immune system.

  • Throat chakra (5th) — Thyroid gland; regulates body temperature and metabolism.

  • Third Eye chakra (6th) — Pituitary gland; produces hormones and governs the function of the previous five glands; sometimes, the pineal gland is linked to the third eye chakra as well as to the crown chakra.

  • Crown chakra (7th) — Pineal gland; regulates biological cycles, including sleep.

 Below is a list of chakras and organs that are related to them

  • Root — Testes, kidneys, spine

  • Sacral– Bladder, prostate, ovaries, kidneys, gall bladder, bowel, spleen

  • Solar Plexus — Intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder, stomach, upper spine

  • Heart — Heart, lungs

  • Throat — Bronchial tubes, vocal cords, respiratory system, all areas of the mouth, including tongue and oesophagus.

  • Third Eye — Eyes, pituitary and pineal glands, brain

  • Crown — Spinal cord and brain stem

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