Metaphysics Knowledge the Way to Spiritual Consciousness:


What is d difference between spiritual experience and just general delusions…

How will know am not having a placebo effect. Is it the positive outcome only those matters?

Like anything else spiritual experience can be positive or negative. As always there is two sides to everything. There is low spiritual energy and high spiritual energy, so although many people talk about three- and four-dimensional reality (which do exist), in general terms humanity live the upper end of the lower spiritual energy band which splits into two- and three-dimensional reality.


The real aim for all humanity is to move their spiritual energy upwards, so for most of humanity duality exists and this is where consciously and unconsciously they live.


Its only when humanities consciousness reaches the higher levels of spiritual energy can they experiences dimensions that are non-two-dimensional consciousness. I would like to add here that the Astral level spoken of in many books on the metaphysics is a form of duality that bleeds into the third dimension.


The way to judge a positive spiritual experience is how that experience affects you during its happening and after it happens.


If during the experience you feel uncomfortable tell that energy to stand in the light of the creative consciousness, I use the tile of “All That There Is,” but you can use the word God, if you wish or a combination of both e.g., “God who is all that there is.” 


If the energy that you are experiencing is negative it will dissipate, if positive it will expand, and you will have positive feelings within yourself.


When you are back in a conscious mind state from a positive spiritual experience you will feel as though you have been uplifted, this may last a few minutes or a few hours, but you will be left with a feeling of knowing.


Negative spiritual experiences will instil fear as it will be from the lower levels of this energy. If this happens just tell that energy to go away and tell it to stand in the light of “God who is all that there is.”   The reason lower levels of consciousness contact you if they want to experience the physical as at their level of existence they cannot.




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