How Do I Start To Create A Spiritual Reality?

How Do I Start To Create A Spiritual Reality?

How Do I Start To Create A Spiritual Reality?

This can happen, when one of the two people in a relationship has moved forward in their life into a new direction of spirituality energy or even in growing and changing in other ways. Add to this the person growing also joins a spiritual group or groups and starts then starts to relate to the new energy of that group and the people in it project and he or she, will communicate energetically differently. Therefore, the way the couple has connected urgently in the past is not present anymore.

The only way for a couple to reunite in this situation to reunite is for the other party to accept the changes happening and agree to participate in the new spiritual venture.  If this does not happen the person with the higher energy will seek out a like energy that will enable them to grow.

Most people do not understand that nothing stays the same and like the universe expanding and reacting physically to various forces human beings change in the same way. Therefore, unless both parties decide to participate down the spiritual path you are now seeking it is inevitable that some form of separation will happen.

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To Create A New Physical and Spiritual Reality

To obtain the best out of life it is important to create a spiritual environment in one’s life that is fulfilling. It is important that your goals and desires are tailored
to your individual aspirations, which should contain all the normal desires in
life. However, it needs to be cloaked in a spiritual language and energy so
what you create is not subject to karma.

Therefore, the first thing  you need to think about is your spiritual goals, then your worldly goals and write them down.  The document needs to be written in fully detailed description that is positive with no ifs or buts. It is important that it is also written in the present as if what you are writing about is happening now and is your current reality. The document needs to cover ALL aspects of your life, which I call “Your Future Life Plan.”

So, what are your spiritual goals and what form do they take? What are your worldly goals and what form do they take?

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