Chakras – Position and Names – 2

Chakras - Position and Names

Chakras - Position and Names


The first chakra is at the base of the spine, and is called “The Root chakra, or Base chakra its Sanskrit name Muladhara.

The second chakra which is around the area of the belly button, is called The Sacral chakra or the Sanskrit name Swadhisthana.

The third chakra Solar is known as Plexus Chakra. this is situated in the upper part of the stomach and is also known as Manipura.

The fourth is known as the Heart Chakra and is also known as Anahata. This is placed in the center of the chest next to the heart,

The fifth chakra is called Throat Chakra, or As the name implies, this chakra is in the throat area.

The Sixth known as the Brow Chakra: is also known by two other names the Third Eye chakra and Ajna. This is located between just above the center of the eyes on the brow.

Seventh The Crown Chakra: which situated a few centimeters from the crown is also known as Sahasrara.

Chakras – Position and Names

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