Description and Main Goals of this Spiritual Journey Book is

For You, the reader to experience your higher self which will allow you to create a life which is for “Your Highest Good with Abundance,” which can be accomplished by you using, positive planning and action systems included in this book.

This includes:

  • Motivational tools.
  • Creative visualisation.
  • Plus, other techniques.

These Mind-Altering systems are toned with Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Aspirations.

The Mission of This Book Is To:

  1. Give you the Mental and Spiritual tools to create a Meaningful Successful Life.
  2. Create a Positive Balanced Life that is for your highest good and all others,
  3. Take you to the point where the Ego becomes the Servant not the Master.
  4. Allow you to connect to your Individual Higher Self simply and easily.
  5. Obtain Guidance in all matters with and through your Individual Higher Self.

The programs in this book are designed to enhance your spirituality and bring you a positive balanced life and abundance that is for your highest good.

The spiritual development systems that follow the mental programming systems is designed to make the ego becomes the servant and not the master.

This includes:

  • Meditation Systems.
  • Visualization.
  • Healing energy techniques.

Having achieved this pathway, it will then be possible for you to link your conscious and sub conscious mind to your individual higher self. This new infused energy of your higher self can enable you to create a life of abundance for your greater good. You will then have a better understanding of your inner mind, from a spirituality point of view and enable you to be self-confident enough to transform and grow your mental depth and understand of who you are.

This Spiritual Guidebook is a wonderful tool for people who hope to Heal their body and mind of emotional trauma, become connected to others of like spiritual energy and create a perfect existence for you on this planet.

With commitment, discipline, and action of these skills, your conscious, subconscious mind, and individual higher self can be part of your multidimensional higher self, which brings a new creative spirituality energy into you.

A wonderful and written book for people who are interested in Meditation, Mindfulness Spirituality, and Abundance that has been spiritually evolved, and is aimed at those of you who hope and wish to improve their emotional maturity, their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy and transform themselves to living in a new more enlightened consciousness.

This book can be given as a gift or for yourself and your family.

I do hope you enjoy this book and put into practice what you will learn through the reading of this book.